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Rowell Fund for Tibet Announces Grants to Projects on Education, Elderly Care, Photography, and Archival Initiatives/ENG

2018. január 26.I/CT/TibetPress

eredeti cikk

The Rowell Fund for Tibet’s Board of Advisors has decided to award funds for 2018 to six projects that deal with Education, Elderly Care, Photography, and Archival of Tibet heritage documents. The Fund will award $37,320 to applicants for projects throughout Asia in memory of lifelong Tibet supporters, Galen and Barbara Rowell, who died in a plane crash in 2002.

The Fund received 34 applications from Tibetans in Tibet and outside for this grant cycle.

“It is nice to be part of this hugely beneficial program that honors the legacy of our friends and family, Galen and Barbara and their contributions to the survival and thriving of Tibetan culture and environment,” said Bob Palais, a member of the Board of Advisors of Rowell Fund for Tibet.

As avid mountaineers and outdoor photographers, Galen and Barbara Rowell helped bring Tibet and the Himalayas into the public eye. Their fund continues this legacy, providing small grants to Tibetan writers, academics, photographers, and conservationists. To learn more about Galen and Barbara Rowell and the background of the Rowell Fund, visit https://www.savetibet.org/about-ict/rowell-fund-tibet.

Some of this year’s grant recipients are:*

Helpwithbooks, Dharamsala, for mobile library at the Dhondenling Tibetan Settlement in Karnataka, India
Tibetan Memory Project, Dharamsala, for digitization of photographs
Tibetan Nuns Project, Dharamsala, for scholarships for nuns to study Tibetan Philosophical Debate
Regional Tibetan Women’s Association and RTYC, Nepal, for elderly care program in the community
Thupten Kelsang, UK, for project on Tibetan material heritage
*We have not listed all projects as some of the recipients have requested confidentiality.

ICT and the Rowell Fund for Tibet wish to congratulate this year’s grant recipients. Past recipients have included Tibetans who have undertaken photography, filmmaking and related projects that have enriched the Tibetan society. The Advisory Board of the Fund includes friends and family of Galen & Barbara and includes John Ackerly, Conrad Anker, David Breashears, Jimmy Chin, Bob and Beth Cushman, John Jancik, Terri Baker, Bob Palais, Tony Rowell and Nicole Rowell Ryan. The International Campaign for Tibet manages the Fund.

For more information about Rowell Fund for Tibet, see our website: http:// www.savetibet.org/about-ict/rowell-fund-tibet.


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