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Update on Tibet Demonstrations, 7 August 2008

7 August 2008/Dharamsala/Phayul/TibetPress

Nangchen (Ch: Nangqian) County, Yushul "TAP", Kham Province (incorporated into the Chinese province of Qinghai) - Four arbitrarily arrested for shouting freedom slogans.

One person from each household in Drogshog township, Nangchen county, was forced by the concerned county authorities to join in practising the Tibetan songs and dances in groups for around two months after which the best performing groups would be selected through competition.

Some residents said that the selected groups will perform during the Summer Festival as a symbol of their happiness over the Beijing Olympics, while many other believe that the selected groups will be taken to Beijing to participate with their songs and dance performances in welcoming the Olympics.

On 24 July, all the performers gathered for a selection on the next day. During the selection, the concerned county officials found that most of the lyrics were in praise of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and His Eminence the Karmapa. As the lyrics were disapproved by the authorities, the performers have strongly expressed their opposition.

Therefore, on 26 July, a group of Tibetans from Drogshog township, led by Asang from Bhertsa Tsang family, Ngoe Soe from Konkyab Tsang family, Jamsang, and Gado Nyima, staged a peaceful protest at the county government office and the public place while distributing leaflets. During the protest, they shouted slogans such as "this year is not for us to celebrate but to offer our condolences and show solidarity at this time of inhumane treatment to the Tibetans. We must be given freedom. His Holiness the Dalai Lama must be invited to Tibet. People must not gather here, but return to your homes."

The four leaders were arrested in the same night by the county Public Security Bureau (PSB). On 28 July, the local people of Drogshog township submitted an application saying that if all the four were not released, they would carry out strong protests until no one is left in the township. No further information is available.

15 July 2008

Serthar (Ch: Seda) County, Karze "TAP" (incorporated into the Chinese province of Sichuan) - One arbitrarily arrested for his suspected involvement in March protests.

Dhungkar from Choegyam Tsang family in Tseshul village, Serthar county, was arrested on 15 July by the concerned county authorities. He was suspected of participating in March protests.

16 June 2008

Drakgo (Ch: Luhuo) County, Karze "TAP", Kham Province (incorporated into the Chinese province of Sichuan) - Three peacefully protested at the township government office

Three people from unit number 1 in Guda Nyakdrog village, Dado township (location of Mi-Nyak monastery), Drakgo county, shouted slogans such as "Tibet is an independent country, long live His Holiness the Dalai Lama" at the township government office. They have also distributed many leaflets.

The Chinese authorities could not arrest them as they have fled to the mountains after the protest.


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