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A Dalai Láma Tajvani híveinek: Az ha egyedül imádkozol nem segíti a spirituális növekedést

2018. október 4./Phayul.com/TibetPress

Jelenleg csak angolul olvasható. Magyarul később.

eredeti cikk

By Tenzin Dharpo

DHARAMSHALA, Oct. 4: Foremost Buddhist leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama today said that praying alone will not dispel ignorance but fostering a compassionate stance in life to enable spiritual growth will.

The Tibetan Buddhist master was speaking at the second day of his teaching to devotees from Taiwan where he resumed Indian Buddhist master Chandrakirti’s ‘Entering into the Middle Way’. 

“What is important to recognise is that suffering is rooted in ignorance. We will not overcome it until we counter the ignorance that is a distorted view of reality. We remain subject to that ignorance so long as we think of the ‘I’ as an independent self,” the Dalai Lama said. 

The Tibetan leader said that practitioners must learn and imbue themselves with the teachings shared by the Buddhas. “The Buddhas do not wash unwholesome deeds away with water, nor do they remove beings’ sufferings with their hands and they do not transplant their own realization into others. It is by teaching the truth of suchness that they liberate beings,” he said.

The Tibetan leader also shared his own experience with cultivation of a compassionate mind. He said, “For the last 50 years, I’ve also given deep thought to the awakening mind of bodhichitta. Today, I heard a report that elderly people are increasingly experiencing loneliness, which reminded me that if you cultivate compassion and bodhichitta you’ll never feel lonely.”

The tsuglakhang courtyard was packed to its capacity with over 6500 people in attendance. Among them, 1000 were Taiwanese, most of them belonging to 18 cultural organizations participating in the International Association of Tibetan Buddhist Dharma, Taiwan. In addition, there were 500 Indians, 1800 people from 66 countries abroad and 3200 Tibetans, the Dalai Lama’s private office said.

The octogenarian Tibetan leader will continue the teaching till October 6.


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