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The Message of the Hungarians on the Occasion of the Dalai Lama's 80th Birthday

The Message of the Hungarians on the Occasion of the Dalai Lama's 80th Birthday

Most Venerable Tenzin Gyatso, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama
In the Tibetan tradition there is no emphasis on the celebration of birthdays.
Nevertheless, millions of Tibetans in Tibet, hundred thousands of Tibetans in exile and hundred millions of people around the world celebrate with joy His Holiness' 80th birthday.

In Hungary, I have not met anybody during the past 21 years of my Tibet supporting activities who did not speak about the Dalai Lama with the deepest respect and appreciation due to his peaceful efforts aimed at Tibet and the Tibetan people and his words and efforts for the prosperity of mankind in general.

Perhaps, it is not accidental that His Holiness is considered as one of the most authentic public figure, politician, religious leader and most importantly moral beacon of the world. This latter is missing the most from our world. Such a leader appears only once in hundred years.

An authentic leader does not tell lies, but tells the same as he told fifty years ago, does not try to misguide people with fraudulent and insincere words, does not intend to cheat out their money, trust or vote, and does not want to sell their soul. Instead provides the people with adaptable genuine guidelines on morality, way of life, courage and persistent compassion.

An authentic political or religious leader works for the success of his nation, makes efforts for the happiness of his flock but always keeps in mind that his people may enjoy happiness temporarily only if around them billions of others suffer in the labirynth of misery.

In a video message Your Holiness wished to the Hungarians self-confidence, hope and a sense of vocation a couple of years ago. Now I intend to let Your Holiness know that we Hungarians, though have faced severe difficulties in our history and have made many mistakes for which we had always paid stiff price, are always driven by our pure and compassionate heart on the rough sea of fate.
Hence we Hungarians have always followed noble goals and planned a brilliant future for ourselves and other nations, therefore we Hungarians, as we are dedicated to long-term planning, never but never give up...

May I wish Your Holiness a Happy 80th Birthday and a future full of compassionate wisdom for the next couple of decades to be able to serve the mankind for a long time and we also be able to serve Your Holiness for a long time.

Perhaps, through this mutual interdependence we can show an example of real freedom which is prerequisite to happiness. Without happiness there is no chance to make proper decisions which prove that it is possible to rule without weapons. Ruling with responsibility and compassion should be a must on Earth. Instead of possessing and exploiting it, nature is to be respected and cooperated with, and instead of subjugating them, sentient beings are to be handled with compassion, especially human beings.

Now we are in a trap situation including not only Tibet, but the whole globe. For us, sentient beings born in a human body, as the example of Tibet indicates, such a situation does not mean only dangers but provides a chance to shape a different future. It depends on us as well as the fate of the Tibetan people depends on them. Today Tibet is already a beacon, a symbol that is why we need Your Holiness' guidelines, and we, brave warriors promise that we never give up!

Simple Buddhist monk, I wish you a blessed, vigorous, long life, Happy Birthday to the Dalai Lama for the sake of all sentient beings!

Tibor Hendrey/Tibet Support Association/Budapest/2015