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English Reynolds 2024.01.21.

Tantra- and Dzogchen Master
Buddhist Meditation Practices in Sutra, Tantra, and Dzogchen
weekend Seminar and Zomm-online too
venue / H-Budapest VIII. Baross str 3. II/20  ring20
time / 15.00-19.00p.m. J
anuary 20-21th 2024 - Saturday- Sunday
For information and registration, contact martihum@gmail.com  0670 508 0084     0670 431 9343  www.tibet.hu
fee / 50 EU

From the very beginning, the practice of meditation has been at the heart of the Buddhist process of self-discovery and the realization of the individual’s potential. In terms of meditation practice, the Sutra teachings of the Buddha focus on developing concentration in order to realize a calm state of mind (shamata) and higher insight into how the mind works (vipashyana). In this way, the individual may find peace of mind and relax stress and tensions, as well as develop higher altered states of consciousness (dhyana) and certain psychic powers and capacities (siddhis). In terms of Tantric meditation practices, instead of focusing on a single static object of meditation, one introduces into the practice the elements of sound and movement, thereby entering into the creating of a virtual reality by way of intense visualization in order to awaken certain latent capacities within the individual. Finally, in terms of Dzogchen and Mahamudra, the practitioner proceeds beyond visualization, and even meditation itself, in order to discover and experience firsthand the Nature of Mind (chittata) and the intrinsic awareness (vidya) that characterizes it. This innate, primordially enlightened Buddha Nature at the centre and core of one’s being, this uncreated spark of light, lies beyond and transcends mind and the mental processes of thought and emotion, even the suffering that characterizes Samsara. This seminar will introduce and practice meditations found at these three levels in terms of how they may be pursued in daily life and employed to overcome everyday problems and conflicts.