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Language preservation the theme for TIPA's 54th anniversary/ENG

2013. augusztus 22./Phayul.com/TibetPress


DHARAMSHALA, August 22: The only government run institute of the exile Tibetan community that was founded as the Tibetan Drama Party and now known as TIPA (Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts) turned 54 today. The institute that is as old as the Tibetan government in exile marked the anniversary with the annual cultural performance and play compettition between the two troupes Gyalu and Ngonpa which have practised with vigour for over a month.

Emotions ran high among the members of the two troupes as the results were being announced. Ngonpa troupe won this year’s compettiton that is seen as the highlight of the institute’s excellence. The speaker of the Tibetan parliament Penpa Tsering attended the ceremony as the chief guest. Also present were MEA Liaison officer, representatives from the three pillars of the Tibetan democracy and officials of the Tibetan government.

The speaker, in his address to the gathering, appreciated the efforts in promotion of Tibetan performing arts by the institute and advised the members and students to continue the preservation of the unique cultural heritage of Tibet.

“Performing arts play a vital role in instilling interests in the general audience and creating awareness about issues facing the scoiety,” Penpa Tsering said, suggesting that the institute should tour Tibetan settlements with the performances themed towards promoting the Tibetan language. “Sometimes plays are more effective than parent’s advice and can be really helpful to bring change among youngsters.”

The focus this year for the contest was the preservation of Tibetan language with the each troupe performing a play on the preservation of the Tibeatn language.

Located in the exile headquarters of Dharamshala, TIPA is the only official organisation in the exile community catering to the preservation and promotion of Tibetan performing arts. The institute's artistes travel widely around the globe showcasing Tibet's unique culture and traditional arts.


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