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három részes tanítás-sorozat
2019. április 20./szombat
Az Értékes Emberi Test és a Múlandóság
2019. június 21-22./szombat-vasárnap
Karma és Újraszületés
2019. augusztus 30-31./péntek-szombat
A Négy Nemes Igazság és a Függő Keletkezés
helyszín/Sambhala Tibet Központ/Budapest I. Attila út 123.  11cs
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Lamrim teachings

In these series of teachings, Lama Gesche Tenzin Dhargye is going to illuminate the essence of Lamrim (Stages on the Path to Enlightenment) and how to build a daily spiritual practice based on this authentic Buddhist Wisdom. What makes the Lamrim teachings so special and precious, is the fact, that the totality of Buddhist spirituality is contained within it, and made accesible to beginners and advenced practioners alike. It covers the complete path to attain liberation from all suffering and awakening to perfect Buddhood, and was the heart practice of many great Tibetan Lamas and Indian Masters like Nagarjuna among others.

The Lamrim teachings of this year will be given in three parts, individual dates and more information about the content you can find below. Gesche la and the organizers are planning to continue these teachings also into the next year, for more informations on future teachings please stay in touch.

First Part  (20. April 2019): The precious human body and Impermancence

Most of our lifes we are unaware of the precious opportunity that our human embodiment presents and that this precious opportunity is limited and impermanent. Lama Gesche Tenzin Dhargye will help us to see these fundamental facts of our reality clearly and how to use them as aids on our spiritual journey. These topics form the basis for authentic Buddhist spirituality and hence are strongly related to Buddhist Refuge, another topic that Gesche la will address during his talk.

Second Part (21 and 22 June 2019): Karma and Reincarnation

How does Buddhism explain Karma, the neccessary connection of causes and effects, on the internal psychological and external levels? Lama Gesche Tenzin Dhargye will explain these central points and also link them to the Buddhist conecption of Reincarnation.

Why is all of this important? Buddhist Psychology explains, that we are burdened by negative actions that we comitted in the past, and in order to release these burdens, it is important to know how to purify negativity in our mind streams. Gesche la will therefor instruct and guide us in buddhist purification practices, that have been used for millenia to purify and unburden our minds and hearts.

Third Part (30+31 August 2019): The Four Noble Truths and Twelve Links of Dependent Origination

We all experience suffering in one form or another, the Buddhist teachings have unique answers to lifes problems, that can help us cope better with these aspects of our existence.  Lama Gesche Tenzin Dhargye will explain central Buddhist teachings that address precicely this: the Four Noble Truths and Twelve Links of Dependend Origination. These two form the heart of the Buddhist path and spiritual practice. The Four Noble Truths for example were the first teachings given by the Buddha just after his full Awakening. During his teaching Gesche la will emphasize the Nobel Truth of the Path and how to practice is correctly. The Twelve Links of Dependend Origination help us to understand what is meant by terms like „Samsara“ and „Nirvana“, why we experience the one and how to attain the other.