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Outer Rushen Retreat
Ráktanya Cottage near Hárskút in the Bakony mountain area .
Tuesday May 31st -Thursday June 11th

The program as well as the instructions could change, so please check the bottom of the information page more frequently

Keith Dowman Dzogchen Master
The ngondro Vajrasattva (acknowledgement of delusion)
FREEDOM: The Dzogchen Dynamic
CLARITY: The Dzogchen View
LOVE: The Dzogchen Emanation

2010 Friday May 28st – Saturday May 29st – Sunday 30th/18.00
at Sambhala Tibet Center
Hungary/Budapest/1012/Attila út 123. /11th ring

outer Rushen
Retreat with Keith Dowman Dzogchen Master

Hungary/Bakony Mount/Hárskút/Ráktanya
Ráktanya Cottage near Hárskút in the Bakony mountain area.

Monday May 31st - Friday June 11 th 2010


The Bones of Dzogchen

Dzogchen stripped down to its original unelaborated quintessence, the vision as the twenty-four hour meditation, non-cultural Buddhism, with introduction to the nature of mind: this is the Dzogchen forged in the Outer Rushen Retreat.

The theme of the retreat is the vast space of Vajrasattva in which all our partial experience is completed, all conditioned cultural attachments transcended, all personal insufficiencies requited.

Those yogis yoginis with previous Rushen experience warmly invited and others firmly committed to the Dzogchen view welcomed. International guests also warmly welcomed.

Ráktanya – Crab Den:
The yearly rushen retreat of Keith Dowman Dzogchen Master takes place at the Bakony-mountains, near to a little settlement called Hárskút, in the middle of the woods at the Crab Den. The wooden den is 5 kms from the Hárskút settlement. The hummocky approachable farm consists of five buildings on the territory of a parklike glade. The den is surrounded by woodland many kilometres long, so isolation seems secured. It is a fact although, that the buildings of the Crab Den are rated latchkey houses, which means it is possible that lesser groups may near to the territory. After the master of the territory, this is off-chance in this time of the year.

The travel is individual and at one’s own charge.

By bus: Departure Budapest/Népliget bus-station. Route Budapest/Veszprém-transfer/Hárskút. at Hárskút one have to get down at the first station, not at the church. From the left of the station starts the Rózsafa street, we meet there. Dus departures: Népliget 08.45; 12.15; 13.45; 14.45 - Veszprém 11.00; 14.05; 15.40; 16.45 departure here 11.10; 14.15; 16.20; 17.00; at Hárskút 11.45; 14.52; 16.57; 17.35. Meeting on the 31st of May between 12.00 and 15.00.

By train: Budapest/Déli Railway Station 08.11-09.55; 11.11-13.18; 12.11-13.55; 14.11-15.55.
At Veszprém you have to change to bus, since there is no railway to Hárskút.
By car: on the No. 8. (E66) route to Veszprém, but you need not go into town, but to Herend on the ring to the first village called Márkó. From this village to the right, on the branching to Hárskút. We meet somewhere in the Rózsafa street at Hárskút. Meeting on the 31st of May between 12.00-15.00.

GPS-data: Hungary. Latitude 47N 11('5,16"); longitude 17E 48('44.89")


Those who partake at the teaching of  Keith Dowman Dzogchen Master’s teaching at the 28 – 29 - 30th of May, 2010, will agree on place and time at the Sambhala. The organisers are trying to make contact with the car-owner participants, so everybody may travel comfortly and arrive on time. It is suggested that the gas-expense is divided by the travellers. The meeting is at Hárskút, the 31st of May, 2010, between 10:00-14:00. We ask the participants to call the 06 70 944 0260, as soon as they know what time they arrive at Hárskút.

Homeward journey: 11th of June, 2010, on Friday

Ganapuja: 10th of June, 2010. in the afternoon.

To be known about the retreat:
The rushen retreat gives us opportunity to the dynamic practice of the Inner rushen meditations and mainly the practice of Outer Rushen, the live the six realms of being on physical and vocal level, in dance and songs and in the imagined madness. We welcome everybody fondly, who got initiation into the nature of mind and practiced Inner rushen.

No rules, no presciptions!
The daily program consists of the morning teaching in the shed, the midday meal and the supper at 20:00. We do the principal practices alone, in our tents, and the tents are placed as far from each other, to separate as much as possible. The daily order may change during the retreat. To optimalise the time spent lonely, we ask you to bring spare food, oily seeds, dried fruits, cheese, biscuit etc. and water!

The forseeable cost of the retreat is 250 EU, which contains every cost except traveling. The participants from Hungary and Eatern-Europe pay 40000 HUF. If there is any kind of monetary hardship then make contact with the Shambala Tibet Center.

We hold the ganachakra on the 1st of July. Please bring facepaint and music instruments.

Tent, sleeping bag, flashlight, water-resistant polifoam, meditation pillow, pullover, raincoat (for the unpredictable weather conditions), own plate, mug, cutlery, toalett-paper, handkerchief etc. spare food.

Important complementary informations:
There is power on place but we pass by it.
Our woodland territory will be technology- and media-free zone!
The cars can be left on Hárskút, in a safe place.
Meal twice per day.
Own plate, glass, mug, cutlery are needed.
Polifoam needed.
If one bring meditation pillow, then do it, since it is useful and not given on sceene.
Handy, radio/CD use is not suggested.
The next populated settlement is 5 kms far.
Mosquito-repellent is a must.
We have to prepare ourselves for colder, rainy weather, so bring appropriate clothes and accessories with you.

Registration and more information:
www.tibet.hu (english) all-inclusive online sambhala@tibet.hu
phone:  00 36 1 782 7721  00 36 1 782 7721 ;   00 36 70 944 0260  00 36 70 944 0260
Keith Dowman email: kdowman@compuserve.com